Great live music in New York

Los Cintron is playing at B.B Kings Monday night (4/11/11). They are technically billed as doing a Gypsie Kings tribute but they also do their own music as well as other great flamenco and latin music. Don’t miss it.

Lucky Peterson is playing at The Turning Point in Piermont, N.Y. Wednesday night the 13th of April. Lucky Peterson is one of the greatest living blues players in the world. He has been playing since he was a kid and has one of the greatest collections of albums (CD’s) around.

On April 17th the Venice Baroque Orchestra will be performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 3pm at the Lehman Center in the Bronx.

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Whether or not to see Buddy Guy. I want to but I don’t want to pay $100 to see a 12 year old.

What’s up with Buddy Guy? He wants to go on tour but he doesn’t want to play? He has this 12 year old boy named Quinn Sullivan play with him. And this kid plays and plays and plays.

I should have started this article by saying, “This is an article I am going to hate to write but I feel impelled to do so.” Why? Because I love Buddy Guy (his music at least). Sometimes when he plays, I want to cry. But if I am going to see him play, I don’t want the night to be all about a 12 year old boy and watch Buddy take a back seat to the show.

I have nothing against Quinn. He is a very talented player. He really is and I wish him the very best as a guitar player and performer. But I want to see Buddy Guy, not Quinn Sullivan.

Here is a very good example of what I am talking about. Last year I went to the Beacon Theater with a few friends to see B.B. King and Buddy Guy. What happened was this; Buddy Guy played about three songs and then he brought out  the 12 year old prodigy Quinn Sullivan. This Quinn kid played most of the guitar solos for the rest of the set. Then B.B King came out and sang for three songs. He really didn’t play more than eleven notes. (Now I am a big fan of B.B and know someone who told me he has bad arthritis, so I am not going to complain about his lack of guitar playing). After those three songs B.B King said he was bringing out Buddy Guy (the moment we were all waiting for). And what do you know, here comes Quinn Sullivan. As a matter of fact, Quinn Sullivan actually played most of the guitar solos for the rest of the night as B.B and Buddy sat there and laughed. Well, there was a bit of turmoil where I was sitting. Some of my friends got pissed off and left (missing the last two songs) and some of my friends stayed. I’m not really going to tell if I stayed or not.
My point is this; I understand that some of my favorite guitar player/ favorite blues players are getting old. Sure. I understand this. And I am sympathetic. I would be happy if Buddy Guy sat back while someone else played a song or two. But to pay $100 a ticket and to have a 12 year old play most of the night. Yikes! I don’t think so.

And now Buddy Guy is playing again in the area here. I was about to buy tickets and called a friend of mine. He asked one question, “Is that kid playing with him?” I said I don’t know. Then I contacted Buddy’s “people” who informed me that Quinn Sullivan will probably open up with a set. Which means to me that he will also come into Buddy’s set. Which makes me think, “Is Quinn Sullivan going to be playing most of the solos again?”

Well, I hate to say this. I mean I REALLY hate to say this because I really love Buddy Guy’s music….. but I think I will miss this series of shows. I’ll find a good live CD and reminisce of the great Buddy Guy shows of the past.

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Ray Charles, “Rare Genius: The Undiscovered Masters”

There is nothing odder but more appropriate here to spotlight an artist who is no longer alive. Ray Charles has a new album out called “Rare Genius: The Undiscovered Masters”. It is a collection previously unreleased songs. There are a good number of tracks and to make things even odder, there is a song with Johnny Cash singing with Ray Charles. Too bad we can’t let these two know anymore just how much we enjoy their music.

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73 men sailed from the san francisco bay…..

OK. Anyone? Who did this song and what is the next line? This is a great oldie but goodie from decades past. And the band was…..

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Finally. We are back.

Music Runner is up and running. FInally. The site was re-done, re-started, and re-situated. Hopefully it’s re-f@#&ing done. Changes and additions to come. But we will not be “coming soon” or temporarily down” again. Promise. Just music, click, music.

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